About Us:

GlucoFit®Express (GFE) is a service of Gluco Fitness Center, Inc., a Health & Wellness Company that provides a unique fitness center add-on program for people challenged by diabetes. GFE is offered at Snap Fitness Centers to help overweight, prediabetic or diabetic Snap members win against these difficult challenges.

Gluco Fitness Center (GFC) provides its members with a complete, systematic and integrated approach to helping its participants prevent or control diabetes while having fun, getting fit and making new friends at their participating fitness club. The GlucoFitClub and the GlucoFitExpress programs are the first to integrate specially supervised exercise circuits and classes with coaching, encouragement, diet plans, plus an on-line HIPAA compliant personal diabetes health, tracking and monitoring system.

GFC can track five of its member’s ongoing vital signs including their daily blood sugar readings using its optional auto logging blood sugar monitoring system and phone APP. This combined data collection program can be invaluable to their families, doctors and care givers seeking remote patient tracking and better outcomes.

GlucoFitness Center, Inc. – 4695 MacArthur Court, 11th Floor, Newport Beach, CA 92660 – 877-699-9432