Can I buy Nutrisystem if I am not a GFE member?

Anyone who would like to purchase Nutrisystem may.  With any NS purchase GFE will automatically bundle a one membership in GFE. The GFE membership will auto renew at the end of the first 30 days for additional months until you elect to cancel the program and lose your personal health portal. You will also lose all your records and your link to your weight loss or diabetes coach. Please allow 30 days to cancel your membership.

Do I need to buy a meter or other device to track my health progress?

No, you may enter your biometric data manually.  Instructions on how to enter manually please go to Members: Health Portal, then click on the How to guide at the top of the page above username.

How do I register my meter with my portal?

If you order a meter that talks to your Health Portal it will arrive preregistered to your specific portal.

How do I access my Health Portal?

GFE will send you a username and temporary password by email. Your username wil probably be your email address that you signed up with. Once you are issued a health portal you may log into your portal by going to the members tab at the top of your GFE website and clicking, Health Portal.

How do I activate my Snap membership?

GlucoFitExpress will send you a redemption code for a one month Snap membership to any Snap location you choose. Click on the banner and choose the appropriate location for you.  Enter your information and redemption code, you will then be enrolled at the Snap of your choice.

How long until I receive my Nutrisystem order?

After you redeem your Nutrisystem meal program using the eCard and PIN sent to you by email from GFE your food should arrive in 7-10 days.

Will my insurance plan pay for program?

Members who have an FSA account may be able to have their insurance pay for GlucoFitExpress. Please check with your insurance provider