The following terms and conditions must be agreed to by all enrollees of GlucoFitExpress Memberships and Nutrisystem customers.

Nutrisystem® – This is an optional home delivered dietary meal program  that combines a 28-day dietary Meal Plan from Nutrisystem® with a GlucoFitExpress membership for 30 days. GlucoFitExpress is a reseller of Nutrisystem products. Please go to for current information and terms of purchase or call 877-699-9432. Try Nutrisystem for 14 days! If you are not 100% satisfied, simply call 1-800-727-8046 within 14 days of receipt of your first order and return the remaining weeks of food to receive a full refund of your purchase price—guaranteed. We’ll even pay for return shipping! Plus, you can keep your fresh-frozen food as our gift to you. This Risk-Free Guarantee applies to first time Nutrisystem® Success™ 28-Day programs only. All other programs, including Flex and Maintenance/Transition programs, A La Carte items and weekly orders are not included. Please refer to our refund policy for these items. One guarantee per customer. Core program customers must return at least two weeks of food. Select program customers must return least one week of non-frozen food only.

Nutrisystem Customer service representatives will provide you with return shipping information at no cost to you. Simply repackage the products in the original box and bring the box to any FedEx pick up location, drop off station or have FedEx pick up at your home. Please allow four to six weeks from our receipt of your returned merchandise for credit to be issued.

With qualifying Nutrisystem returns, one month’s GFE enrollment fee that may have been included with the program will be charged to your credit card. The remaining moneys will be refunded to your card per the Nutrisystem then current customer satisfaction guarantee. Make sure you have your GlucoFitProgram meal plan redemption number and PIN you received from GFE when you purchased your order when calling Nutrisystem®.

How to Redeem Your Nutrisystem Order: After ordering a meal plan, you will receive a redemption code by email from GlucoFitExpress.  Go to: or CALL 1-800-727-7549 and redeem your order. During the redemption process you’ll have the ability to customize your menu. Your shipment should then arrive in 4 – 10 business days

Clearance to Exercise –  By enrolling in GlucoFitExpress (hereinafter, GFE) you attest that you have consulted your physician and or care providers regarding your eligibility to exercise and participate with GFE’s Program at a Snap Fitness Center and you have been approved to exercise and self regulate your activities.

Exercise Guidelines – GFE provides an exercise guideline for people that want to lose weight and may be challenged by diabetes that has been written by a Certified Diabetic Educator and Certified Personal Trainer and favorably reviewed by the American Association of Diabetic Educators (AADE). You may download the Exercise Manual at  This is a limited guideline to be used by GFE members strictly as a guide to use before, during and after exercise.

Do not exercise if your physician has not cleared you.  Always use caution and never exceed your personal physical or medical conditions and or health limitations. Snap Fitness Centers are largely unsupervised and you must not expect supervision or assistance when you attend. Always try to exercise with a friend or buddy that understands your condition. If you have concerns about your ability to exercise safely consult your physician first and do not join Snap or GFE with out medical approval.

Term and Cancellation. The Term or duration of each GFE Membership is selected by the individual member. It may be monthly or annually. The cost may vary. The selected term will start following your enrollment application and the acceptance of your first membership payment at Month-to-month members may cancel at any time. Annual memberships receive a discount and are not subject to early termination. Cancellation requests must be made 30 days prior to the final cancellation date. To cancel your GFE membership send an email notice to Provide your GFE membership number along with your name and the Snap Fitness Center you attend. We will confirm your cancellation by return email. GFE must confirm the cancellation by email to the member’s email address listed in their account information. Members, who revoke their credit cards or stop their monthly payments shall be subject to the immediate cancellation of their ongoing GlucoFitExpress membership privileges and may be subject to an additional 30 days of membership fees for lack of notice, to pay the credit card company chargeback fee to GFE and to collect any outstanding balances. When a member terminates their GFE Membership they will immediately be subject to loosing the use of their temporarily issued Gluco Fitness Center web portal and all their accumulated health records and data. They will also lose any special on-line GFE product discounts and any other GFE benefits that they may have acquired or be using. Diabetic test supplies will still be available to former members on-line at site

Membership Renewals. This GFE Monthly Membership will renew automatically every 30 days until you cancel (see Term and Cancellation). This will assist in the continuity of each person’s membership. GFE Members may cancel anytime subject to giving a 30-day notice of termination.

Membership Terms and Conditions. As a condition of GFE membership you must also agree to the Terms and Conditions and Liability Waivers of a membership at Snap Fitness Center, which Liability Waivers shall also be reciprocal to GFE. If you are not presently a Snap Fitness member then the Snap Fitness Terms and Conditions of Membership will be presented to you at your Snap enrollment or upon your first orientation visit at a Snap Fitness Center following your GFE enrollment. Refusal to sign and agree to the Snap Fitness Center’s Terms and Conditions of Membership and Liability Waivers may necessitate that your GFE Membership will be refused or cancelled with a minimum of one-month’s membership charged to your credit card.

Liability Waivers. As a GFE Member and participant you agree to indemnify and hold GlucoFitExpress and the Gluco Fitness Center, Inc., the GlucoFitClub (hereinafter collectively referred to as, GFE) harmless along with any of their appointed GFE Trainers, GFE staff members, employees, representatives, contractors, officers or directors or independent sales agents, (hereinafter referred to collectively as, Parties) harmless for any loss, personal harm or injury that you or others may sustain from your activities and or involvement with GFE or a Snap Fitness Center. In addition, you, your assigns and or heirs agree not to hold the aforementioned Parties consequentially or inconsequentially liable for any damages, physical harm, loss or damage you may incur as a result of your actions or activities from your participation or involvement in any exercise, exercise class, program, interaction with any on-line GFE class, program or function or from using any of the Snap equipment or Snap facilities during or after the termination of your GFE membership.

Privacy - Your GFE health and fitness records that may be recorded by or for you on your personal web portal that may be issued to new members at to use while you are a GFE Member are confidential and private per HIPAA regulations. However, you may access, download, print and share your own information, as you deem appropriate.

GFE Member Check-In. New Members may Check-In when they initiate their membership with Snap for an orientation on how to use the Snap exercise equipment, to record their starting physiology data and then after 30 days check in with a Snap/GFE Trainer for a personal overview of their progress. Members may be asked to participate in measuring their basic biometric information, their progress and goals. Measurements of biometric data may be posted on the member’s GFE health portal and be subject to normal or slight variations from the individual measuring devices.

No Medical Advice – GFE does not provide any medical advice, nor does it direct its members in any way medically.  GFE and Snap personnel are not licensed medical professionals, physicians or doctors. If you need medical advice you must consult your physician.  GFE’s on-line diabetes coaches can be diabetic educators, many are not medically licensed and they are not licensed physicians. They may not prescribe medications and they may not give medical treatment or directions. They may respond to you on-line to many common nutrition and diabetes education questions but may not provide any medical direction or advice.

On-Line Store. Use of the On-Line Stores at, or is subject to each Store’s Terms, Policies and their Web Site Usage Agreements and Membership Terms and Conditions as posted and updated on each web site from time to time. GlucoFitExpress and GlucoFitClub are owned and operated by the Gluco Fitness Center, Inc., 4695 MacArthur Court, 11th Floor, Newport Beach, California, 877-699-9432. For questions or additional information please contact us at


Product or Service Warranty. GFE members that receive, purchase or use third party or MyGlucoHealth (MGH) manufactured by Entra Health Systems, LLC and or other products and services sold at GFE’s On-Line Store, agree to register their products with the manufacturer and to abide by all of that company’s Terms and Conditions of Use. Recipients of any MyGlucoHealth products must agree to their current on-line Privacy Statement. Purchasers will be subject to each manufacturers and or Entra Health Systems, and MyGlucoHealth product warrantees and usage agreements as posted on the or their respective web sites as may be listed by them and as may be changed from time-to-time.

Guarantees – There are no express or implied performance or outcome guarantees of any kind for GFE participants by MGH, Snap, GFE or by Nutrisystem or any of GFE’s vendors. All results from exercising and dieting will vary by the individual, their dedication and loyalty in following the GFE Program, their diet, trainer, exercise regimen and their attendance frequency, duration and activities.

Refunds, Replacement Product and Disclaimers. There shall be no refunds for GFE memberships or for periods of non-use or attendance.  Each member is wholly responsible for their own activities. GFE is not responsible for any of the product or service warrantees for third party services or merchandise that it may provide or sell directly or through its web site(s). Users must contact the various product or service providers for their individual warranty and or service support assistance listed on the packaging and instructional manuals provided with each product shipped or by contacting the company directly. Members that may receive faulty product or those that are dissatisfied with the quality of the product or service received per the manufacturer’s warrantees or terms and conditions for their product that may have been purchased or provided may request a refund or exchange for another replacement product with the distributor or the manufacturer. Please contact us at for instructions or a return merchandize authorization number (RMA) prior to shipping faulty merchandize back to the manufacturer or our warehouse. The Member pays return shipping charges. Upon receipt of the return product with your RMA number we will issue a credit to your credit card or ship replacement product. Shipping and handling fees for replacement or defective product under these circumstances will be paid by GFE or the shipping vendor. For Nutrisystem® products and meal plans see the heading, GlucoFitProgram.

Authorization. You authorize GlucoFitExpress or GlucoFitClub to use your contact, credit card, insurance and billing information to charge you for the products you buy, or for any deficiencies in what your insurance may pay as it may be applicable. You agree to provide updated timely payment information for any new or expired card and a change of address should you move (you can update your contact and billing information at any time). GlucoFitExpress reserves the right to charge you $5 for each time your credit card company refuses your monthly membership charge to cover GFE’s added costs. GFE reserves the right to modify the Terms and Conditions of Membership as set forth herein, or terminate this service or your membership at any time, with or without thirty days email or written notice to you. If you do not agree to these terms and condition, do not enroll or sign this agreement or click the “Accept” button on the GFE web site, do not provide your credit or debit card information, or complete this purchase. You agree to the enclosed terms and conditions of supplying your information and you have had the opportunity to ask questions, to review the web sites listed herein and the Website Usage Agreements as posted therein.

You Grant Permission for GFE Personnel to have Limited Access to your Member Health Records at the Gluco Fitness Center. In return for being granted participation in the GlucoFitExpress, I agree as follows: I will use the MyGlucoHealth glucometer and the test supplies (if applicable) that I acquire to upload my blood glucose tests on a regular basis from my cell phone, Mac, personal computer to my own personal Gluco Fitness Center web portal. I may share these tests with my doctor and any Caregiver or family member as I wish. As part of my membership and of voluntarily helping to enhance and improve the GFE program for other participants, I shall participate in regular fitness evaluations, get encouragement and participate in confidential fitness measurements that may be posted with my permission per the terms of this agreement by a GFE Trainer on my confidential Gluco Fitness Center personal web portal. I grant confidential access to all my attendance, fitness, measurements, health records and blood glucose test results on my personal Gluco Fitness Center web site to GFE and to my GFE Trainer.  My name will not be released or associated with my test results without my written permission but my records may be used for program development, expansion and for exemplary outcome purposes but the records will only be referred to by an anonymous participant number (i.e. Participant # 7 lost 14 pounds in 90 days, average blood sugar dropped by 18%, blood pressure average down by 16%, etc.).