Tips, Answers and Training                               to Help You Succeed


Virtual Coaching

GlucoFitExpress offers its members the ability to ask questions and get answers from our online  health and wellness coaches.

Questions like:

  • “What is the best way to exercise for lowering or controlling my weight or blood sugar?”
  •  “Should I eat before exercise?”
  • “How does food effect my blood sugar?”
  • “Can exercise reduce the need for medication?”
  •  “Should I use weights or do cardio?”
  • “How many times a week should I work out?”


Certified Personal Training

For those members who would like a little extra help with personal training, we reccomend training with a GFE certified trainer at Snap.

These trainers have been educated in safe effective exercise for people battling health concerns associated with excess weight, prediabetes and diabetes. GFE Trainers have a firm understanding of  Hypoglycemia and Hyperglycemia and the most effective ways to exercise for losing weight and controlling blood sugar.

Check to see what  Snap trainers are GlucoFitExpress certified!