What’s Included With GlucoFitExpress?

A Personal HIPAA Compliant Health Portal – To track each member’s health and fitness outcomes from their cell phones, PC’s or MAC’s. The portal is HIPAA compliant and the data can be completely private or optionally linked to caregivers or doctors to track member outcomes. Charts blood pressure, weight, blood sugar and all other essential biometric data.
Coaches for Members on-the-Go. – Members get regular on-line access to a health and wellness coach who can answer their questions related to exercise and nutrition that don’t require an expensive appointment with a care provider. Great for our members on-the-go!
diabetes exercise coaching
Personal Instruction - Fitness Score session with a Snap Fitness staff member to go over how to use the equipment safely and effectively, give suggestions on what exercise best fits your needs and measure your initial biometrics to access your progress. GlucoFitExpress trainers are nationally recognized with advanced education in safe exercise for people with diabetes. GFE trainers have a firm understanding of Hypoglycemia, Hyperglycemia, diabetes medicine and how its effects the body while engaged in exercise. GFE recommends that its members with prediabetes or diabetes only contact GFE certified trainers  for personal training.
On-line Diabetes and Nutrition Education Webinars – These will be available as live and pre-recorded videos for GlucoFit members on- the-go. They will cover a wide range of important health education related information. Members may access a library of subjects and email any questions to the educators for clarification or advice.
A Special How-To Exercise Properly Manual with Important Guidelines and Instructions for People Combating Prediabetes and Diabetes.
The manual was created by a Certified Diabetes Educator for GlucoFit Members and has been favorably reviewed by American Association of Diabetic Educators. This manual comes with guidelines and details on how to exercise safely with diabetes.
Major diabetes supplies discounts – GFE Members can save money and get discounts on their diabetes testing supplies up to 60% below pharmacy pricing. GFC’s major discounts will help people without insurance or those with high deductibles. Various insurances are also accepted through GFE for supplies.